We take the idea of “Serving Our Clients with Precision” very seriously. It is more than just our slogan – it’s the philosophy of our company. Providing exceptional service is just as essential to our mission as any of our machines. By taking this proactive approach to service, we are committed to meeting your needs, exceeding your expectations, and earning your business.

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What Makes Precision Machining & Fab Different?

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We have a full staff of professionals, experienced in processing a variety of materials, to give you a quote that’s accurate and competitively priced. This is the first stage in our proprietary process that assures your job will be done right, on time, to your specifications.


You will always receive a prompt confirmation outlining price, due date, and scope of work. This confirmation means your job is in motion and safely in our hands. A dedicated point of contact is always a quick e-mail or phone call away.


At this stage, our planners organize and outline the details of our router, which is our “road map” to making your parts with precision. A planner will verify materials, check drawings, and schedule the accurate processing of your job.


Utilizing more than 10 cutting stations under one roof, our production manager and expeditor collaborate to ensure your order is completed on time. This hands-on approach gives us the capacity and flexibility to provide other essential services such as forming, welding, CNC machining, painting, and plating.


Our quality department adheres to stringent inspection standards developed for our Military and Aerospace clients. They ensure all jobs, large and small, are processed with our uncompromising dedication to quality.


Finally, our experienced shipping personnel will package your job to your unique specifications and notify you of its completion.

We’re your one-stop source for cutting and fabricating. Let us bid on your next project.

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